We believe in our social obligation to give back. That is why this year, as we begin our first trip to the Santa Cruz trekking region of Peru, we decided to build a computer center in the poor community of Huaripampa, along the Santa Cruz Trekking route. In partnership with Dell Computers, we are constructing a modern computer center Huaripampa. There, the building is nearly complete and ready for our volunteers to bring the computers and cameras.  Stay tuned for updates and photos.


Over 400 people living in the village of Huaripampa


Education and connection to the modern world


  • We  plan to provide computers and internet access to an estimated 400 people in Huaripampa

Current Events

In August 2017 Dean will be traveling to Huaripampa, along with local volunteer families the Bradburns and Riggs, to oversee the final stages of construction on the computer center. While there, they will be setting up computers and cameras for the villagers to use, training teachers on use of the equipment, and painting the building.  

Future Goals

Once the computer center in Huaripampa is completed this summer, we plan to continue developing the center by looking into ways to bring internet connection to the village.

With the computer centers in Huaripampa and the nearby village of Pashpa as our two flagship projects, HOP hopes to start connecting villages throughout Peru to the rest of the world.  It is our hope that with the right tools and education, people in these villages can better equip themselves for the modern world, and improve their community’s health, economy, and future.