HOP’s outreach in Peru began with the donation of school supplies and sewing machines to villages along our trekking routes, and grew to hosting an annual Chocolatada festival in Pashpa, a small village under the Cordillera Mountains. In 2017, we have significantly expanded our efforts in Peru. In partnership with Goal Zero and Dell Computers and others, we have constructed a solar powered computer center in Pashpa which is the last town before the Ishinca valley trail head, the location of one of World Wide Trekking’s most popular alpine climbing areas 


The 450 residents of Pashpa Village


Education and connection to the modern world


We plan to provide computers and internet access to an estimated 400 people in and around Pashpa

Current Events

In March, 2017 Rodolfo – the Peruvian HOP ambassador- along with the local construction staff broke ground on the Pashpa computer center attached to the local school. This project took two months of hard work from the local people and our volunteers. In mid-June, the project was completed as the solar power systems were installed, the building painted, computers up and running and the local teachers trained on how the computers work.  

Future Goals

With the computer center in Pashpa completed, we have begun construction on a second computer center in the nearby village of Huaripampa. This center is slated to be completed by the end of summer 2017.

With these two flagship projects, HOP hopes to start connecting villages throughout Peru to the rest of the world.  It is our hope that with the right tools and education, people in these villages can better equip themselves for the modern world, and improve their community’s health, economy, and future.