HOP knows that sometimes small gestures can change someone’s life. That’s why, when Dean met Dharm Veer and heard his story, he knew he had to take action. Dharm, a 32-year-old husband and father, had recently moved his family from India to Nepal to make a better living with his shoe-shining business. En route, his shoe-shining box and tools – the source of his livelihood and ability to feed his family – were stolen. He was able to build up a small kit of bare minimum supplies, with which we was shining Dean’s shoes while he told his story. Dean was moved to help, and on behalf of HOP, donated $500. This small donation empowered Dharm to purchase a new box of cobbler’s tools and to once again be able provide for his family.

Dharm and Dean’s friendship grew as they continued their correspondence. When Dean found out that Dharm’s greatest goal in life was to send his four children to school, he decided to sponsor them for a year at the Little Angel boarding school, at the cost of $2,500. It was a small gesture that meant the world to Dharm, and will forever shape his children’s futures. “I can now fix shoes with my heart again,” Dharm told Dean, “knowing that my children will be in school.”

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Dharm Veer, his wife, and his four children


  • Shoe shining equipment to provide for his family

  • Funds for education


  • Dharm Veer has been able to successfully support his family, and move them back to their home in India

  • Dharm’s four children are attending Little Angel boarding school

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