In a small town on the heavily traveled Safari tourist route lies the Makuyuni Primary School. With over 850 students enrolled, the school has only 17 teachers and minimal teaching materials. When HOP visited this school in May of 2016, we found out that their most pressing need was not the lack of teaching resources; instead, it was food.

Without the means to provide free lunches the school has no choice but to charge a small fee, which many families can’t afford. This single factor led to a huge drop in attendance, as parents preferred their children stay at home and eat what the family could provide rather than go hungry at school. HOP decided to start a lunch program that would feed all 850 students every school day for the year. Now, with Tanzania’s current famine, this school lunch is the only reliable daily meal for many of these children.


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Makuyuni School’s 850 students


Feeding the children so that they can attend school


  • Feeding 850 students lunch every day for a year

  • Attendance rates have increased from 85% to 93% in two months

  • Purchase of two large cooking pots, food supplies, and employing two cooks

Current Events


Future Goals