The village of Pashpa, Peru sits at the base of some of the country’s most magnificent peaks and greatest alpine adventures. The village’s 450 residents provides a warm welcome for travelers and mountaineers en route to the Peruvian Andes, but get little notice or assistance in return. As World Wide Trekking began to pass through Pashpa, we took note of the neglect and decided to help out through the Human Outreach Project. With the assistance of our Peruvian ambassador, Rodolfo Reyes, HOP set out to bring some holiday cheer by hosting a traditional Chocolatada Festival. For the past three years, we have provided gifts, gallons of hot “chocolatada” drinks, and loaves of panettone bread. In 2016, we expanded our support by giving winter clothing to the people of Pashpa.


Pashpa’s 450 residents


Support and basic supplies


  • The village was given a traditional Christmas festival for the third year

  • Winter clothes and other gifts provided to dozens families and children

Current Events