Pashpa Village Christmas Festival


The village of Pashpa sits in the mouth of the Ishinca Valley, where some of Peru’s most magnificent peaks are.  As World Wide Trekking began to pass through Pashpa, we noticed that the village’s residents have received little to no assistance in return for the warm welcome they provide  travelers en route to the Peruvian Andes. In 2013, with the help of our Peruvian ambassador, Rodolfo Reyes, HOP began our support of this village by providing funding for what used to be their annual Chocolatada festival. With our help, Pashpa has been able to rekindle this tradition and bring festive cheer to the village around the holidays. For the past three years, we have provided gifts, gallons of hot “chocolatada” drinks, and loaves of panettone bread. In 2016, we expanded our support by giving winter clothing to the people of Pashpa. This is an annual project that we are dedicated to. 


  • Pashpa’s 500 residents


  • Monetary support

  • Basic supplies such as warm clothing


  • The village continues their traditional holiday festival

  • Winter clothes and other gifts provided to all community members

Current Events

We are planning on giving $1,000 to Rodolfo to host the 2017 Chocolatada Festival in Pashpa this year. 

Future Goals

Chocolatada has become not only a time of festivities and celebrations, but also a chance for HOP to give out much needed warm clothing and other supplies to a community that provides invaluable help and support to our many treks in Peru. We will continue to provide funding and gifts to support Pashpa’s annual Chocolatada Festival.