Since 2014, HOP has been expanding its programs to include local outreach in Utah.  HOP is proud to support 30 local veterans and their families with food and gift cards during the holiday season.  “These are extraordinary people that have very unselfishly served our country, and become an inspiration for how they are battling the challenges life has given them,” said a HOP volunteer of these veterans.

Every year around Thanksgiving, our volunteer delivery drivers gather up boxes of food and supplies generously donated by our friend and supporter Tricia at Fresh Mart, and bring those groceries right to the doors of families in need. Since we recognize that not all of these families have the resources to cook a large meal at home, they also have the option to receive a gift card for Thanksgiving dinner at the restaurant of their choice. In addition, each family receives a gift card of at least $300 to Walmart, with the hope that it will allow them to buy meaningful Christmas gifts for their loved ones.

The program has been a huge success in making the holidays much brighter for these veterans and their families. As one volunteer describes, “The veteran greeted us with hugs and signs of tears in his eyes. He was awed by the generosity of the Human Outreach Project. He said that this Thanksgiving ‘miracle’ could not have happened at a better time.”


  • Over 30 local veterans and their families


  • Assistance affording Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas presents


  • Over 30 veterans and their families were able to celebrate Thanksgiving

  • Building connections with out local community in Utah

  • HOP volunteers and veterans are all extremely moved and inspired by their interactions

Current Events

Veterans Outreach Project is currently seeking volunteers for our 2017 program. This Thanksgiving and Christmas, we will help 20 local veterans and their families, which means we have up to 40 volunteer spots available.