In 2016, HOP’s Tanzanian ambassador, Raymond Massae, told us about a group of women in the town of Mto wa Mbu who had banded together to create a woman’s empowerment group. The group, called Mama Na M’toto, had grown to run a small business selling goods at a local market. Because WWTrek passes through Mto Wa M’bu on the way to safari, the women and their mission fit perfectly into HOP’s mold, and we wanted to support them.  Their greatest need, they told HOP, was an office for storage space, monthly meetings, and to give them legitimacy in the community. With a cost of only $30/month, an office space was the perfect starting point.

On HOP’s return visit in July of 2016, the women talked with excitement about the growth and improvement they had seen in their group since moving into their office, and their idea of starting a sustainable batik clothing business. HOP provided the startup cost of $1,500 for their batik business. It is HOP’s hope that these small initial investments will allow these women to become self-sufficient, support their children in school, and empower others in the community.


  • The 32 members of Mama Na M’toto women’s empowerment group and their children


  • Exposure and advertising help for their new batik clothing business


  • Have enabled the women to do business – the group is on their way to self sufficiency

Current Events

Recently, the Mama’s have expressed a desire to move to a new office on a more heavily trafficked road. The original location is one block off of the paved road, making it difficult to sell their batik clothing to the many safari-goers who pass by on this main road. As of now, we are in the process of finding them a new store front in a better location.

Future Goals

It is our hope that the women will achieve success with their batik business so that they can support themselves and send their children to school. We also hope to use what we have learned working with this group as a model for other groups in a similar situation in Tanzania.